What is LCTV?


LCTV Main Studios

Under the direction of the Lockport Community Cable Commission, local cable programming has been a reality in Lockport for over 35 years. Locally-produced cable programs initially appeared on a single access channel in 1983 and expanded to three full-time channels with the creation of Lockport Community Television, Inc., in 1994. LCTV, a not-for-profit contractual subsidiary to the Cable Commission, is governed by a 12-member Board of Directors, who oversee staff and determine program policies and priorities. A volunteer-based organization, LCTV is completely independent from Spectrum, the cable service provider in Lockport. LCTV currently has more than 100 active volunteers, a full-time staff of 2 and 6 part-time employees/interns.

LCTV 20 Set

LCTV 1301 Set

LCTV’s public, government, and educational channels provide programs on a variety of topics, including sports, entertainment, civic affairs, women and minority issues, religion, and education. We provide essential health and lifestyle information to the elderly, enable our school districts to communicate effectively with students and parents, and bring church services to shut-ins. LCTV’s government programming helps reinforce accountability by serving as an interactive link between elected officials and their constituents. In short, LCTV is firmly committed to the principle that access to information within our community is critical to the quality of life in our community.

LCTV has received numerous national, state and local awards and is considered one of the most active access centers for its market size in the country. LCTV is an active member of the Alliance for Community Media, the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Administrators, and the National Federation of Community Broadcasters.

Who Can Use LCTV?

Anyone can produce a progam at LCTV! Both residents and non-residents may produce a program at LCTV provided the community producer or program meets the following criteria:

*Eligibility and User Fees
A determination must first be made as to each user’s fee structure. It is free to have your program aired on LCTV but you may incur a small free in order to access equipment or LCTV facilities. All current members and volunteers (prior to 9/1/11) are exempt from fees unless they become inactive for more than six months. The fee structure is as follows and based on both residency and if you are currently a Spectrum Cable Subscriber.


RESIDENT (City/Town of Lockport)
Spectrum TV Subscriber – No annual fee
Non cable subscriber – $50 annual fee

$75 annual fee

$150 annual fee for up to 5 participants

*Fees will be collected at the time of facility/equipment access and are not required at Orientation. A copy of your Time Warner Cable bill will be requested at first facility/equipment use.

*Fees do NOT include training class fees.

*Once an annual user fee is paid for the period it cannot be prorated if a user becomes a cable subscriber or resident.

*Fees only apply to channel 20 and do not affect the Education/Government access channels.

*LCTV reserves the right to waive a user fee based in exchange volunteer hours on a case by case basis.


Producers must also be over the age of 18 or have a signed letter from a parent or guardian. Those under the age of 18 can attend LCTV’s Summer Youth Training Program.

Programming for Our Channels

All equipment and facilities must be used for programs that will appear on channels 1301, 1302 or 1303. All volunteers must sign a release and indemnification form prior to their program airing, releasing LCTV from all content responsibility that may arise out of your program. (ie. copyright infringement, slander, obscenity, etc.)

Non-Profit Programming

All programs airing on LCTV must also be non-profit in nature, no commercial programming or requesting of donations etc. is allowed on our community access channels.

Certified Volunteers

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, each LCTV volunteer must attend training classes and become certified to operate each piece of production equipment they wish to utilize.